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Mary Helen Bowers’ Favorite Things

From rosehip oil to baby bonnets, the creator of Ballet Beautiful and loving mother to Lumina Belle shares the ten items she loves most.

By Sarah Emily Gilbert

Photos provided by Ballerina Mary Helen Bowers, copyright Ballet Beautiful

Even though Mother’s Day has passed, Princeton Magazine decided to extend our appreciation for all the resilient women in our lives beyond a single day.  So, we sought out the woman who has built an entire brand on her understanding of mothers-to-be, Mary Helen Bowers.  Professional ballerina turned fitness mogul and proud mom of 16-month-old Lumina Belle, Bowers has become a global icon for mothers.

Ballet Baby, the newest workout series in her Ballet Beautiful brand, still finds its foundation in dance techniques, but with modifications for expecting mothers. Working in conjunction with her doctors, Bowers’ program uses high repetitions, stretching, and toning exercises that help women stay active, fit, and strong during pregnancy. Maintaining her sinewy limbs and effortless elegance throughout her own pregnancy, Bowers is proof of Ballet Baby’s effectiveness. As she juggles motherhood and running one of the world’s premiere fitness programs, Bowers continues to inspire women to be the best version of themselves. What’s her biggest piece of advice for working mothers? Maximize every moment. Whether she’s in the studio with a client, or setting time aside to be with her daughter on the weekend, Bowers gives 100% of herself.

Family WEB

“I think once you have a baby, your time is even more precious and there’s certainly more demands on you, so it’s tricky, but you just have to do the best you can. It’s sometimes tiring, but I think that’s just the new reality.”

As a trendsetting mother and tastemaker, we asked Mary Helen Bowers to share some of her favorite products and brands with Princeton Magazine:

Mondels chocolate uptown for homemade dark chocolate covered caramels

The stuffed animals from Steiff are my favorite! Lumina belle adores her white swan

Sawn WEB

Miranda Kerr’s rosehip oil is incredible for dry tired skin

Soaps from Fresh are a family favorite

Fresh WEB

 Paul and I always stop for pizza at Delfina’s when in San Francisco. i think it’s better than NY!

 I live in my Ballet Beautiful leotard and legwarmers!

Legwarmers WEB

I adore a baby bonnet! Is there anything cuter?!

Lumina in her Ballet Baby slippers melts my heart

Slippers WEB

And of course I cannot resist a ruffled sock and patent leather maryjane!

Marjane Web

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