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Jessica Durrie’s 10 Favorite Things

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The co-owner of Small World Coffee shares the things that make her world go round.

By Sarah Emily Gilbert

web 2There is something unique about Jessica Durrie’s list of 10 favorite things: It doesn’t include any “things.” Instead, Durrie’s list features personal experiences, places, and rituals that have deep meaning in her life.

Similarly, her famed coffee shop serves expertly roasted and brewed coffee, but it goes far beyond any single “thing” on its menu. Like Durrie, Small World Coffee sets itself apart with its intangible assets.   The shop’s staff always serves up something delightful, whether it is quirky charisma or a Mexican hot chocolate. The local artwork on its walls speaks to Small World’s deep-rooted connection to the community. And perhaps most noticeably, the Princeton hotspot offers carefree vibes (filled with the aroma of coffee) that always make you feel at home.

Since 1993, co-owners of Small World Coffee, Brant Cosaboom and Jessica Durrie, have been bringing something special to Princeton, and it goes far beyond their delicious caffeinated drinks. Below, Durrie shares the 10 “things” that make her small world go round.

My tribe:

My family and friends are geographically dispersed, but no matter their location, they are my ballast, my north star. They give me a true purpose, to love. And they make me laugh like no one else, especially my sisters.

Pt. Reyes, California:

I was born in Berkeley, California, but since we left the U.S. when I was 4 and came back towards the end of high school, I was not raised there. However, it was where we always came to for summer vacations and called home. When my parents retired in the early ‘90s they were wise to purchase a house in Pt. Reyes…this part of the world is where I shed my coat and truly relax.

My Mom’s Art Studio:

She was a ceramic artist. Since her death we created a gallery in her art studio. It is nestled into our garden and truly a magical spot.

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Sharing a Meal:

No matter how busy I may get, making a proper meal and sitting around the table with family and friends is a staple in my life. Taking the time to sit together, reflect on the day, share stories, and be nourished.

Being outdoors running & hiking:

My parents were both runners and definitely influenced me to get out there and move. I’m glad they did. I have always run outdoors, never on a treadmill. Being outside and moving is something I just have to do, it makes my brain and body function so much better.

The Beach & Swimming in the Ocean:

I am not a sunbather, but I do love the beach and swimming in the ocean.   Sometimes I drive to Spring Lake just to go for a run and a swim, it feels amazing!

My Rituals:

Rituals help our lives feel in control and calm. I love mine, from my contemplative morning coffee and run to Sunday saunas in the winter.

Community & Collaboration:

At work, I rely on the insights, intelligence and creativity of my co-workers. Through genuine collaboration and diverse ways of thinking, we can come up with the best results. I am constantly inspired and supported by the amazing community at Small World.


Probably because of my nomadic childhood, I love going on drives, getting lost, and finding cool things.

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Celebrations, Disco Balls, & Dancing:

My husband, George, and I fell in love when he helped me plan Small World Coffee’s 10-year anniversary party. We both value a good dance party with bands, DJs, disco balls, lights, atmosphere, and friends. There is really nothing better than an all out epic celebration.