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Local Life Coach Wants to Help People Live Their Best Life

Beth Fitzgerald, head of Fitzgerald Life Coaching at 259 Nassau Street in Princeton, is a certified life coach, certified John Maxwell Coach, Master ETF Practitioner, international speaker, and trainer. She believes that coaching is the act of empowering the individual to harness their goals, dreams, and aspirations.

Her new book, The Wake Up Call, brings the best that Fitzgerald has to offer her clients directly to readers around the world. Available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and BookBaby, the book can also be viewed in paperback, Kindle, and Nook formats.

The Wake Up Call asks, “what if you could wake up one year from now, transformed in ways you never imagined possible?”

Based on her combined experiences working on Wall Street and in the financial industry, Fitzgerald offers equal parts inspiration and motivation with daily readings paired with practical action steps. The question she sets out to answer is “What would happen if a person truly followed and acted upon coaching advice for a year?” The page-a-day format offers a pragmatic and achievable approach to long-lasting change.

Dave Lissy, chairman of Bright Horizons states, “By giving us The Wake Up Call, Beth Fitzgerald not only provides a refreshingly motivational read, but also an ongoing resource and a source of light and motivation to achieve our best. In the current climate of uncertainty, one thing is certain: We will all have to ask ourselves the question Beth points out, ‘Change? Who, Me?’ The Wake Up Call pushes us to boldly answer that and other questions while giving practical strategies and advice to implement solutions. No matter what your personal or professional goals, you are sure to benefit from having Beth’s advice in your life.”

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