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Meet Jacqui Arce-Quinton of Pure Barre Princeton

Sweat away the day at Princeton’s latest fitness studio

By Erika Moritz

Recently, Princeton’s Palmer Square received its first Pure Barre studio at 31 Hulfish Street. Influenced by ballet techniques, Pure Barre uses small movements to tighten, strengthen, and isolate key muscles. While it is highly effective, Pure Barre is low impact, making the risk of injury extremely low. To learn more about this growing workout trend, Princeton Magazine met with Princeton studio founder and owner, Jacqui Arce-Quinton.

Jacqui didn’t initially envision owning her own Pure Barre studio. As a self-proclaimed outgoing individual, she was always an active person, however she chose to receive her masters in education and then began a career in special education. In 2012, a coworker introduced Jacqui to Pure Barre and she has been doing it ever since.

“Truthfully, the first workout I ever really loved was Pure Barre. I didn’t enjoy finishing a workout and feeling in pain. Being sore is different than being in pain, and that was my thing about Pure Barre – I was always sore in good places and it worked right away. Pure Barre was very effective. It was the first exercise I could really stick with.”

After becoming a dedicated student of Pure Barre, Jacqui began to visualize herself teaching the classes, and she believed that Princeton would be the perfect place to establish her own studio.

Interestingly, Jacqui believes that her background in teaching and education has helped her in owning her own studio. Similar to being a classroom educator, Jacqui guides students through each class, encouraging them to meet their daily, weekly, and monthly goals.

“In the Pure Barre world, we have our classes in the morning and then our classes at night. I’m also here in the middle of the day doing all of the administrative stuff. But I really like when my clients are here because everyone who walks in is super happy and super fun. You can see them progressing every class. It’s motivating to teach and it’s motivating to want to do all the behind-the-scenes stuff to select the right music and plan each class.”

At the end of the day, Jacqui’s goal is to create a fun-loving and supportive environment for her students.

She goes on to state, “I would say that everyone should try Pure Barre. It’s low impact, it’s fun, and our community here is something that I wish I could describe, but I can’t. Everyone comes here, everyone is happy, everyone supports each other, and you just need to experience it. It’s a very positive and motivating environment to be in.”

For Pure Barre Princeton’s class schedule, visit

Pure Barre

31 Hulfish Street

Princeton, NJ


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