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No Golf Classic Raises Over $150,000 for Front Line Workers

If you have ever played golf, two terms you want to avoid are “whiff” (which means you totally missed the ball) and “duff,” which is a very bad shot. Even worse, COVID-19 and pandemic possess detrimental connotations. So, when Community Options had to postpone their annual golf tournament at TPC Jasna Polana, Community Options Enterprises Chairman Phil Lian decided to have a golf tournament avoiding all of these negative outcomes. The new mission was to have a tournament with no green fees, no dinner, no club costs, no missed balls, and most importantly, no chance of virus spread.

With the help of his wife, Joan Muller, Phil and Joan’s No Golf Classic was created. Volunteers, Community Options’ board members, and local vendors were challenged with presenting a no golf tournament, matching 50 percent of every dollar raised during the month of June.

“Phil and Joan wanted all proceeds to go to augment the pay of our front line workers,” said Robert Stack, Community Options president and CEO. “They wanted to recognize our dedicated direct care staff for showing tremendous bravery throughout this pandemic.”

They set a goal of raising $150,000 to support Community Options’ direct care staff. On the last day of June, Community Options surpassed the goal and Phil and Joan’s No Golf event raised a total of $156,271.50

About Community Options, Inc.:

For over 30 years, Community Options has developed housing and employment supports for people with disabilities – serving thousands of people across 40 offices and 10 states. Community Options provides advocacy assistance to empower people with disabilities because all people – regardless of ability level – should live and work in the community with dignity, choice, and self-determination. For more information, visit

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