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Pi Day Princeton, Einstein’s Birthday Celebration



Did you know that Einstein was born on March 14, the numeric equivalent of Pi?

The annual celebration is meant to honor Pi, mathematics, science, famous Princeton geniuses, local merchants and, of course, Einstein’s big day.  Pi Day founder Mimi Omiecinski encourages everyone to come and enjoy the activities and see first-hand how Princeton residents, non-profit organizations, academic institutions and business communities work together brilliantly to celebrate our hometown celebrity. 

This year’s celebration will take place March 10-14, 2016. Activites include: pie eating, pie judging, pie throwing, Pi recitation, pizza pie and cupcake decorating contests, and much more. For the Einstein look-a-like contest, winners take home $314.15! Also, this year a NJ resident will attempt to break the American Pi recitation record by reciting over 20,000 digits of Pi.

Mimi exclaims,  “the town of Princeton is nuts for this quirky event and we hope the Universe will come visit our town to celebrate Pi Day Princeton!”

For a complete list of events, visit