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Princeton Insider: Gifts for Cat Lovers

Photo Credit: @therealgracecoddington

Find the purr-fect gift for your cat-loving friends. 

UncommonGoods, Custom Pet Illustration, $180

Sit. Stay. Pose.

Pet people are a passionate breed. It’s the kind of devotion that deserves to be put on display with an illustration by Stephanie Carter, who turns photographs of furry (or feathered or scaly) friends into portraits complete with regalia of their favorite things—like carrots or catnip or sticks. A proud pet owner herself, Stephanie draws the image on her tablet, then finishes the black-and-white digital print by nestling it into a white frame. Handmade in Vancouver.

UncommonGoods, Custom Pet Nose Print Necklaces, $210-290

There’s nothing quite like the head-over-heels adoration you feel for your pet. Whether you’re partial your pup, can’t get enough of your kitty cat, or you love both companions equally, if you could, you’d keep them snuggled by your side always.

Kaleen Wolfe’s wearable symbols of your affection let you unleash your love for your furry family member in a perfectly work-friendly way. To create each piece, the artist mails a non-toxic molding kit and instructions and works directly from an impression of your pet’s sweet nose to create a one-of-a-kind keepsake in sterling silver. Representing your pet cozily nuzzled up in a special place in your heart, each pendant is finished with an extra personal touch: pieces are engraved on the back with your pet’s name (up to 12 characters). Handmade in Pennsylvania.

UncommonGoods, Catnip Chocolate Covered Strawberries – Set of 3, $18

Between curling up in a ball, sleeping in the sun, and watching dust speckles filter in through the window, your cat works pretty hard. Give him the same type of treat that you’d love after a long day with these handmade chocolate covered strawberries. Filled with farm fresh organic catnip, these felt and fleece berries give your four-legged friend a charming respite from the fast-paced world of being a cat. Handmade by Trish Iriye in Vallejo, California.

 Due to the handmade nature of this item, each is unique and will vary.

UncommonGoods, Cat Wrap Ring, $68

Some think the love we have for our felines doesn’t go both ways, but fluent Cat speakers know their fur babies show affection in multiple ways: Purring, kneading, the soft head-butt, and, at the top of the list, the tail-wrap. When cats wrap their tails around us, they’re communicating deep, feline-to-human love, saying, “We’re buddies. I forgive you for being a mere human.” This sweet sterling silver ring is an all-day reminder of the loving bond between you and your kitty. Available in sterling silver, with cute whiskers and eyes hand-stamped by artist Melissa Frost, it adjusts in size for almost any finger—just slowly expand or pinch its tail for the perfect fit. Handmade in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

UncommonGoods, Custom Pet Pillows, $145

For all the games you’ve played, walks you’ve taken, and days you’ve spent in the fine company of your beloved pet, you can now honor your loyal family member —whether it’s a kitty, canine, or a canary—with a personalized throw pillow in their likeness. Submit a favorite photo of your pet and Ronda J Smith will use it to create a one-of-a-kind keepsake pillow that you and your animal muse can enjoy for years to come. Handmade in Brooklyn, New York City.

UncommonGoods, Meow Cat Cave, $75

Maybe your cat’s trying to tell you something as he burrows in your freshly laundered towels. This sweet kitty cave gives your furry friend a soft, comfortable place to hide, play, and sleep. Handmade by women’s collectives in Nepal, this cozy cave is made from a textural blend of Tibetan and New Zealand wools. Handmade in Nepal.

Due to the handmade nature of this item, each is unique and will vary.

UncommonGoods, Cat Tao Glasses – Set of Four, $35

Cat lovers will reach owner-enlightenment with these four-sided glasses featuring yin and yang images exploring feline duality. Corresponding cat wisdom floats near each good and bad kitty portrait, while the secret of true harmony: “The Tao of Cat is to do your thing and leave the kitty alone” runs along the side of each glass.

Kitty wisdom includes:

“To obey is to resist”
“To shun is to adore”
“In catnip there is dignity”
“Napping overcomes wrath”

UncommonGoods, Cat Blueprints, $185

Is your Persian a pouter, or a pushover? Is your Maine Coon a little monster, or a mama’s boy?

Pay tribute the fickle feline in your family (and maybe shed some light on their many mysteries) with these precision cat schematics. Created in the style of Midcentury blueprints by renowned animal architect I. M. Paws, each print offers a detailed illustration of your chosen breed, along with ‘design spec’ about the breed’s origin and temperament. Each piece is printed on archival-quality Epson Ultra Premium Matte Paper and given a distressed finish, to create the look of an authentic, vintage blueprint. Made in Portland, Oregon.

UncommonGoods, Cat Cuff, $39

Whether he or she is a fat ginger tabby, a sweet senior calico, or a rambunctious tuxedo kitten, your beloved feline—and all kitty pals—inspired this sweet sterling silver cuff. Rebecca Allen refines the essence of Cat down to its purest elements: round face and triangular ears. Encircling your wrist, its delicate simplicity complements almost any style, whether you’re off to a pet rescue cocktail party or making a nip run. Easily adjustable, the cuff fits most wrists. Handmade in North Carolina.

UmcommonGoods, Laptop Cat Scratching Pad, $35

From cat videos to social media to good old fashioned political discourse, your worldly feline has got a lot of reasons to stay connected—trouble is, he gets his computer access by sitting on your keyboard as you type. Make your cat the most tech-savvy fur ball on the block with this prop laptop scratching pad. Made to look just like your own computer, this cardboard contraption features a claw-ready keyboard for cats to scratch and an “operating system” that can be upgraded by simply printing out a new “desktop image” and sliding it in the cardboard monitor. The perfect gift for the cat who has everything. Made in China.

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