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Profiles in Healthcare: Nicole Schrader, MD FACS

Schrader Facial Plastic Surgery


Dr. Nicole Schrader is double board certified in Facial Plastic and Head and Neck Surgery. She is affiliated with the University Medical Center of Princeton and holds a position as a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

Where are you located?

My private practice has been located in Princeton for more than 10 years. What kinds of conditions do you treat?
The focus of my practice is on rejuvenation of the aging face blending natural gentle methods with non-surgical and surgical techniques. I also see patients who suffer from a medical condition or sustained a facial trauma and require reconstructive procedures. Being double board certified in Facial Plastic and Head and Neck Surgery provides me with the knowledge and expertise needed to treat aesthetic and functional changes that occur in the face and neck.

What kinds of procedures do you perform?

Most of my patients are looking for a refreshed appearance that could be achieved with a combination of skin and laser treatments. I am an expert in performing facelifts, eyelid and brow lift procedures, and rhinoplasties.

How would you describe your practice’s philosophy?

I blend newer technologies with an artistic eye to achieve a youthful and natural result. I am passionate about giving my patients a natural result with the shortest possible recovery time. My goal is to use the most advanced techniques to restore, repair and rejuvenate the face. Each procedure is a journey, and its effects are as much psychological as they are physical. I am concerned about the emotional well being of my patients and personally guide them through their options.

How should patients prepare for their first visit?

Patients can prepare for their initial consultation by bringing photos from when they were younger or that were taken prior to any injuries or procedures. No other preparations are needed. We begin with a consultation and digital imaging which assists the patient in understanding their conditions and managing their expectations.

How can patients best contact you?

Princeton Location:

615-616 Executive Drive Princeton, NJ 08540

(609) 279-0009

Robbinsville Location:

1 Union Street #206 Robbinsville, NJ 08691

(609) 436-5740

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