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Q&A with Dr. Gary A. Tuma of Plastic Surgery Associates of New Jersey

Interview by Laurie Pellichero | Photos courtesy of Capital Health

Where is your practice located, and what is your educational background?

My practice is located on the fifth floor of the medical office building at Capital Health Medical Center–Hopewell in Pennington. I received my undergraduate education at Boston College, medical school degree at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, and general surgical training at Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia. I was also a Harrison Research Fellow in plastic surgery at the University of Pennsylvania, and completed a plastic surgery fellowship at Emory University in Atlanta, where breast reconstruction approaches using the tram flap and latissimus flap as well as reconstruction using muscle flaps were developed. I am a double board-certified plastic surgeon.

You previously had an office in Philadelphia. What attracted you to the Princeton area?

I was previously part of Jefferson Plastic Surgery in Philadelphia, but having been born and raised here in Central New Jersey, I felt very comfortable returning to my roots and bringing back the knowledge and expertise I was able to acquire during my time elsewhere. I used that to start an academic-level plastic surgery program that provides a full array of cosmetic and reconstructive options, as well as help build a comprehensive breast center and aesthetic center here at Capital Health. I have also been an invited lecturer at teaching institutions, and delivered presentations at local, regional, and international forums.

What types of procedures do you perform, both medical and cosmetic?

The practice offers a full complement of reconstructive and cosmetic procedures including face, body, and breast, including but not limited to eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), oculoplastic surgery, body contouring and liposuction, abdominoplasty (tummy tucks), and breast cosmetic augmentation, reductions, and lifts. For my reconstructive side, I work with local surgeons to provide reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy (such as TRAM flaps, latissimus flaps, microsurgery and implants), abdominal wall reconstruction for ventral hernia repairs, and skin repair after a procedure has been done to remove basal and squamous cell skin cancer. 

We offer a wide range of skin care solutions in conjunction with our certified medical aesthetician Shannon Simmons. During your first appointment, she will take a thorough skin care health history, and perform a detailed examination of your skin to determine what procedures, peels, and products will help restore, rejuvenate, and redefine your skin. Our skin care products are medically driven and doctor monitored, allowing you to have unique and convenient access to the plastic surgery side of our practice, creating complete continuity in your skin care. This relationship allows us to easily develop a comprehensive treatment plan if you decide to pursue more advanced options, such as facial rejuvenation with injectables such as Botox and fillers or surgical solutions.

Our approach to both reconstructive and aesthetic procedures are to improve form, function, and appearance.

How do you use the latest technology to achieve the best outcomes for your patients?

Our practice is one of the only practices in the region that offers 3-D photo evaluation and manipulation to show patients what is surgically achievable on their own bodies. This device is called Vectra 3-D and Canfield Mirror Studio imaging. First, we take a picture using the imaging system of the area of your body you are considering having enhanced. This allows the system to create a 3-D avatar of your body that is then transmitted to a large television in our consultation suite. There, you and I will work together to apply different procedures to the 3-D image using the Sculptor software. For example, if you are interested in a breast procedure, we can show you how different implants in various sizes and shapes will look on your exact body. This will help you make a well-informed decision and provide you with a realistic preview of what you will look like after your surgery.

Describe your relationship with your patients.

The relationship I have with my patients is the most important part of my practice. You will notice on my website and in my marketing materials, I do not use before/after images like some in my industry will, and this is a personal choice that I make to treat every one of my patients as though they were my own family member. I take a very conservative approach in their care and treatment, and I work very hard for my patients to feel comfortable when they come to the office and when it’s time for them to make their decisions whether or not to move forward with treatments.

Plastic Surgery Associates of New Jersey
Office of Gary A. Tuma, MD, FACS
Two Capital Way, Suite 505
Pennington, NJ 08534
609.537-7000 |

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