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Remember to Schedule Your Child’s Annual Visit to the Pediatrician

RWJBarnabas Health is reminding parents and guardians to remember to schedule their child’s annual checkup with a pediatrician. These visits are an important part of monitoring a child’s developmental health and can also act as an impetus for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

During these wellness visits, pediatricians address a broad array of topics, most of which center around if a child is growing and developing in an age appropriate manner and if they practice heathy habits. Pediatricians also screen for a range of conditions, such as scoliosis, vision, hearing, autism, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and unusual stress. These issues are best treated with early intervention, so that the rate of long lasting effects is hopefully diminished.

Having a pediatrician that a child sees regularly helps to provide the best care in times of health and illness. When the physician knows that child very well, they will be better able to provide fast, safe, effective care.

“Pediatricians spend a lot of time counseling about preventative medicine and doing anticipatory guidance,” said Rebekah Lipstein, M.D., a pediatrician from the Combined Medical Group of RWJBarnabas Health and Rutgers Health. “When we discuss healthy eating habits, sleep patterns, and vaccinations, we are looking to keep your child healthy and safe. Reviewing car seats, choking hazards, and poison control numbers are meant to avoid problems before they happen.”

Also of note, infants and toddlers require more frequent examinations to make sure that important medical milestones are being reached.

To find a physician within the Children’s Health Network of RWJBarnabas Health System spanning throughout New Jersey, visit

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