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The Zombies Are Coming, The Zombies Are Coming!


Whether you’re a zombie baby or a zombie grandpa, you’re wanted this weekend for Asbury Park’s annual Zombie Walk.

By Sarah Emily Gilbert

Warning: The 8th Annual Asbury Park Zombie Walk is this Saturday, October 1. I say warning, not because the zombies are dangerous. In fact, they’re full of ghoul-gusto and are quite friendly. I say it because last year, I neglected to remember the date of the walk and ended up on a dinner date in Asbury amongst the living dead. However, if you’re feeling corpse-like, get your fake blood ready for this weekend.

Each year, the event has grown, and it is now one of the largest Zombie Walks in the country. While registration isn’t required, zombie enthusiasm is. Asbury is known to be a spirited town, but this event takes its creativity to a death-defying level. Starting at 10 a.m., participants can have their makeup done by a professional artist at the Asbury Convention Hall. Three kinds of “makeovers” are available:

Basic Zombie ($15), described as a “freshly dead” look

Gross Zombie Makeover ($30), described as “rotting dead” or “zombie victim”

Total Zombie Makeover ($50), it’s requested that zombies BYOP (bring your own prosthetics) for application

Come 4 p.m., the Zombies get going and walk from Convention Hall towards the Carousel House, where they eventually party at Johnny Mac House of Spirits. Whether you’re looking to participate in this year’s event or be wildly entertained by the endless zombie-types traversing the town, Asbury’s Zombie Walk is something to see.

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