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Anita Fresolone’s 10 Favorite Things

AF portrait

Photo Courtesy of Dan Komoda Photography

From Sam Cooke to cooking, Marketing Director of Palmer Square Management, Anita Fresolone, tells Princeton Magazine the people, places, and things she can’t be without

By Sarah Emily Gilbert

From Girls Night Out and Princeton Pi Day to the Christmas Tree Lighting and JazzFeast, there is never a shortage of fun at Palmer Square – but that’s because there’s never a shortage of Anita Fresolone’s energy. As the Marketing Director of Palmer Square Management for the past 11 years, Fresolone is the power and creativity behind some of Princeton’s most celebrated events. A former public relations representative for major New York City companies, Fresolone makes Palmer Square look like Times Square’s charming suburban sister. Often working weekends and bringing her family to Palmer Square events, there’s no questioning Fresolone’s dedication to Princeton’s commerce and community. In fact, Princeton Magazine was considering starting a petition to have Palmer Square’s bronze tiger sculpture replaced with that of Fresolone. Until we tackle that venture, Princeton Magazine thought it was time to promote the woman who tirelessly works to promote our town. Below, we asked Anita Fresolone to share some of her favorite people, places, and things.

The VIP’s in my life

My husband. When we were dating and he suggested we keep a journal of all our adventures together, I knew he was the one! He is smart, creative, patient, understanding and we make a good team. He has also been declared by many as a “super cool dad.” My family. I happen to have the most amazing father, a true Renaissance man who is our rock. Plus a great step-mom, sister, step-siblings, in-laws, the list goes on. They are always there for me and I feel quite spoiled that I got so lucky! My friends. I hold many people near and dear who bring me lots of joy-life would be dull without them!

Snuggling with the Kids

My son is almost 10 and my daughter is 7. With all the usual nuttiness that juggling schedules, school and activities brings, not every day is a post card moment. So I relish when they sneak in our bed on a weekend morning or when we huddle under blankets on the couch during Friday movie night. I need snuggles. I tell them it fuels me….and I’ll take them now while I still can!

Getting to do what I love…in Princeton!

When I was in 6th grade I planned my first event, a luau themed birthday party with the help of the best catering services in town…and I haven’t looked back since. Marketing, branding, promotions, event planning….it’s my passion and to be able to do it for Palmer Square, well, I’m honored.

”Anita Mix 2″

This is my favorite CD to blast in the car. Don’t get me wrong, Anita Mix 1 is great with The Allman Brothers Band and Stevie Ray Vaughan, but the second installment would be with me on a deserted island and features Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, LaVern Baker, BB King and the theme song from The Jeffersons.


I like to laugh, make people laugh, people who make me laugh, standup comedy, funny stories…you get the point. I love old inside jokes with friends that have stood the test of time. And I think I’ve learned how to inject a bit of humor into a heavy moment to lighten the mood.

Old Treasures

I’m nostalgic and sentimental and enjoy surrounding myself with things that belonged to people who are important to me. My late mom’s ring, my great aunt’s mixing bowls and kitchen gadgets, love notes between my grandparents during war time…and lots of antique furniture.

shutterstock_153242528The Fall

Chilly air, pumpkins and gourds, raking leaves, scarves, Halloween, soup, football and my wedding anniversary. Love this season.

All things Culinary

Food, cooking and eating experiences were a big part of my growing up. In fact, we even kept a photo album filled with dishes we prepared during my high school years…way before it was easy to snap a shot with an iPhone. I have done restaurant and chef PR in NYC, planned culinary programs for big companies and helped a friend with her cookbook. Now, with my own family, while I may not have the time to cook as much as I’d like, we make food adventures an important part of our lives. It would be common to find us hunting for the best ramen, attending a Crawfish Festival, doing a cheesesteak tasting in Philly or shopping for interesting ingredients at an Asian market.

Down the Shore

Several generations have spent summers at our family beach house on the Jersey shore, so the memories made there are priceless. Give me a lounge chair, a fishing rod and a Corona on the dock and I’d say that’s heaven.

Hot Showers

Many of my best ideas come to me while in burning hot water and lots of steam.

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