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Upcoming Exhibit at Brandywine Museum of Art Focuses on Influence of Kuerner Farm

Karl J. Kuerner (b. 1957), Pennsylvania Farmer, 1996.

From January 27 to May 19, 2024, the Brandywine Museum of Art will be spotlighting Andrew Wyeth’s artistic connection and inspiration that he drew from the Kuerner family and their farm. During his lifetime, Wyeth painted numerous masterful studies of the Kuerner Farm, which sat adjacent to his own property.

The first generation of Kuerners on the farm were Karl and Anna, and they also became objects of study for Wyeth. The second generation of Kuerners, led by the philanthropic spirit of Karl Kuerner Jr., ensured the property’s future by allowing Brandywine Museum to acquire the farm in 1999. In the years following Wyeth’s work there, the farm has remained a place of artistic activity and interest. This is in large part due to Karl J. Kuerner, the third in the line of Kuerners and himself a noteworthy practicing artist. This exhibition at Brandywine Museum will mark the 25th anniversary of the acquisition of Kuerner Farm.

Brandywine Museum of Art is located at 1 Hoffman’s Mill Road in Chadds Ford, Pa. For more information, call 610.388.2700 or visit

Karl J. Kuerner (b. 1957), Surge, 2013.

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