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Venus et Fleur’s Eternal Roses

By Taylor Smith 

In the late winter season, nothing beats a bouquet of freshly cut blooms to add some cheer to your home. Flowers have the ability to brighten anyone’s day, and science suggests that simply looking at flowers can improve your mood. What’s not so cheerful? Dealing with a bouquet of dead or dried-out flowers. 

That’s where the company Venus et Fleur comes in. Venus et Fleur’s “Eternity Roses” have garnered a serious celebrity following and can be seen all over Instagram feeds. The roses are purported to last an entire calendar year with little to no maintenance. The idea for the preserved live roses stemmed from co-founder Seema Bansal’s Valentine’s Day experience in 2015, when her husband ordered an expensive bouquet of roses that arrived in sub-par condition. Bansal believed that there must be a better way to ensure quality rose delivery and enjoyment. 

“Our roses retain their texture, shape, and scent and are available in over 20 colors, and are packaged in luxury Parisian hatboxes made of suede or swathed in marble print,” Bansal says.

How do their real roses stay so fresh? Firstly, Venus et Fleur uses only Ecuadorian roses, which naturally are the longest-lasting roses due to their proximity to the equator and the quality of the soil. The company’s key process begins when the roses are cut “at their most peak and perfect state,” says Bansal. After being dehydrated, “the roses are injected with a wax-based, hypoallergenic, non-toxic solution that stunts their growth, but keeps their soft texture and shape.” 

The company won’t divulge all of its secrets, but some of the more exotic roses involve a shellac of paint or dye (the gold-dusted roses, specifically). 

Even better, Venus et Fleur’s hatboxes of flowers need almost no special care. They only recommend that the flowers are kept out of direct sunlight and that they are misted with a light spray of water every few months to maintain their natural looking texture. 

The company handles special event orders, such as corporate gifts, on their website, You can also download their complete guide to rose color meanings, so that you are sure to send the right message every single time. 

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