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“Wild” Gentle Yoga: Yoga to Connect with Yourself and Nature

Every Wednesday in August from 8 to 9 a.m., Bowman Hill Wildflower Preserve in New Hope, Pa. will host relaxing and restorative outdoor yoga sessions led by Priscilla Hayes. Hayes is a Preserve volunteer naturalist as well as a certified yoga teacher in the art of gentle yoga, which aims to build body awareness, flexibility, and strength. Holding the class outdoors adds another element for participants, enabling them to better disconnect from technology and reconnect to the sounds and rhythms of the summer season. 

Safe social distancing will be practiced throughout, and participants are asked to bring their own mats and water bottles. 

Each class will include breathing exercises, yoga poses, and meditation. Aim to create a gentle awareness of the surrounding woods and plants as you provide your body and mind with the opportunity to decompress. 

Register for an individual session here:

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