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Yanina Fleysher’s 10 Favorite Things


By Sarah Emily Gilbert

Like the diamonds she uses in her timeless designs, Yanina Fleysher is equal parts elegance and strength. As the founder and owner of Yanina and Company in Cedar Grove and Basking Ridge, Fleysher is one of New Jersey’s premiere jewelers. But before her baubles attracted the likes of Caroline Manzo and Kim Kardashian, Fleysher was catering to a far more humble crowd.

After emigrating from Russia to the United States at age 12, Fleysher assisted a jeweler at a flea market in Union to help support her family. Merely 14 when she started working, Fleysher quickly revealed her intuitive understanding of people – and jewelry. At 19, she negotiated a five-year lease deal with the support of her father to occupy one of the biggest booths in a Wayne, NJ Jewelry Exchange. Despite the skepticism of the lessor, Fleysher’s booth boomed with business, foreshadowing the success of her retail jewelry store, which she opened in 1987.

emerald ringSince its debut, Yanina and Company has established itself as a leader in the industry and has twice been named the number one jeweler in the state. The family-owned business carries fine custom-made jewelry that is manufactured in house, and primarily designed by Fleysher. Yanina has distinguished herself with her ever-evolving jewelry designs that are timeless, yet fashion-forward. Her company’s remodeling and redesign offerings perhaps best exemplify their ability to fuse old and new. Thanks to a Computer Assisted Design (CAD) program, clients are able to participate in every step of the jewelry design process. This efficient technology allows individuals to see a blueprint of their jewelry before its made. Whether it’s modernizing a family heirloom or creating a custom engagement ring, Yanina’s tech-savvy team guarantees an unrivalled piece.

Characterized by her challenging journey, Fleysher has an uncanny way of connecting with her customers, whom she refers to as friends. That’s because many of them have been Yanina’s customers since her Jewelry Exchange debut.

Not only are people attracted to the jewelry store’s bold, high-quality pieces, but also their affordability. Since Yanina and Company designs and crafts their own jewelry; they can make stunning creations at any price point. In true Fleysher fashion, the respected jeweler never turns away a customer.

Her sensitivity to the needs of all people is rooted impart to the company’s family-values, or rather, family involvement. Fleysher’s brother, Alex, is Yanina and Company’s Vice-President, her son, Brenden, is the Director of Business Development, and her mother, Claudia, is the Company’s controller. To further display her deep-rooted love for her family, Yanina’s timeless jewelry collection is named after her daughter, Sydney.

Recently named one of HudsonMod’s Women to Watch 2016, Yanina Fleysher continues to be a force not only as a jewelry designer, but also as a mother, daughter, women’s rights activist, and entrepreneur. Here, Urban Agenda takes a closer look at the woman who’s making NJ sparkle brighter than ever.

family picture

My Children 

Branden and Sydney are my everything. I know, every mom says that but it’s the honest truth. They are my source of happiness, ambition, and pride. Sydney is a strong, free spirited college student whose spontaneous nature and creativity never seizes to amaze me. I’m lucky enough to come to work every day with my son Branden. His innovative mind and kind soul has brought so much joy in my life and my business. I am truly blessed to call them my children.

My Grandmother, Maria 

My grandmother is 94 years old and the matriarch of my close knit Russian family. Her petite stature is a disguise to her larger than life personality. Her life experiences, struggles, and memories are her greatest gifts to our family.



Every so often I need a time out. My beachfront home in Miami is my perfect getaway. The moment I arrive, a wave of serenity comes over me. I love the night life, the weather, and the relaxation.

My Spiritual Bracelet

Three years ago, I created a line of spiritual stone bracelets after an eye opening trip to Mii Amo Spa in Sedona, Arizona. I became in tune with my spiritual side and gained a wealth of knowledge about the power of certain semi precious stones. I wear mine every day.

My morning ritual

Most mornings I wake up and enjoy a cup of coffee on my balcony. There is a beautiful view of New York City and I sit in silence and gather my thoughts for the day. I treasure this time.

Daughter’s Paintings

Over the years, my daughter has gifted me with many beautiful paintings. She is an amazing artist. I love walking through my apartment and seeing her art in every room.


Jersey Tomatoes

I patiently wait every year for them to be in season and once they hit my local farmer’s market, I’m hooked. I can eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They are the most delicious when sliced with a little bit of salt and pepper.

LuNello in Cedar Grove

This is my favorite restaurant in New Jersey. The atmosphere, the service, and the delicious Italian food make for the perfect evening out.

Bottega Veneta Python Handbag

This handbag is a gorgeous piece of fashion and craftsmanship, but it’s the story behind it that makes it special. My family splurged many years ago and took a trip to Paris. I shopped all around the city and came across this bag and purchased it without hesitation. At that moment, I was so proud of myself and thought about how far I have come in my business and my personal life. I was once a poor girl from the Soviet Union wishing for a pair of jeans and now I created an incredible business and life for myself.   Wearing this bag always seems to remind me of my journey.

yanina and co

My Business

Yanina & Co. is my happy place. My business is based on making others happy by creating beautiful and meaningful jewelry. Over the years my customers have become some of my closest friends. What’s not to love about that?

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