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Editor’s Pick

Weekly home and design picks from our Editor, Lynn Adams Smith

Fashion and Home Designs by Piero Fornasetti

Piero Fornasetti was an Italian painter, sculptor, interior decorater, and engraver. He created more than 11,000 items during his lifetime, many of them featuring the face of a woman, the operatic soprano Lina Cavalieri. The “Tema e Variazioni” (theme and variation) plate series that he created based on Cavalieri’s face numbered more than 350.

Fornasetti was very much influenced by Greek and Roman architecture. Many of his design motifs feature heavy black and white lines, along with sun and time imagery.

Today, the Fornasetti brand is maintained by Piero’s son Barnaba Fornasetti. Barnaba continues to create new designs, fashions, and room accessories under his father’s name.

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