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Great Authors To Follow On Twitter

By Taylor Smith

The wonderful thing about following your favorite writers on Twitter is that they suddenly become relatable. They are people with opinions, a sense of humor, and a life outside of their writing duties.

Twitter enables Joyce Carol Oates’ cat to deliver her opinion on the latest movies. Suddenly, Susan Orlean is instagramming photos of her farm and Stephen King is announcing his views on Donald Trump.

It is a quirky world, but one worth watching.

Gary Shteyngart: @Shteyngart

Joyce Carol Oates: @JoyceCarolOates

Emily St. John Mandel: @emilymandel

Chuck Palahniuk: @chuckpalahniuk

Susan Orlean: @susanorlean

Stephen King: @stephenking

Maggie Shipstead: @maggieshipstead

Geraldine Brooks: @GeraldineBrooks

Mary Karr: @marykarrlit

Cheryl Strayed: @CherylStrayed

Elizabeth Gilbert: @GilbertLiz

Tracy Chevalier: @Tracy_Chevalier

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