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Rival the Claus’s House with These Festive Outdoor Decorating Ideas

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By Sarah Emily Gilbert

There is one good thing about the sun setting at 4:30 p.m. in December: Christmas lights. A hitherto dark and dreary time, dusk becomes a period of holiday cheer as neighborhoods light up to showcase their Christmas trees, red ribbons, and wreaths. Here, we provide some outdoor decoration ideas to make the season even brighter. For more holiday inspiration, head to the Hopewell House Tour and Quilt Show on Sunday, December 18 from 1 – 4 p.m.


When in doubt about your décor, grab some evergreens. Whether they’re store-bought or live, they always read, “holiday.” Place them in a basket or your empty planters left over from spring. They can also be strung around a railing, fence, front door, mailbox, or lamppost for an instant transformation. But yes, when you hang them over the fence, the entire house will ooze out festive vibes. And your guests would be enchanted too, as soon as they lay their eyes on your house. However, this idea will only work if you have attractive or fancy fencing surrounding your home, possibly made by the likes of professionals in fencing installation in Richmond.


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In recent years, metal barn stars have become a popular home decoration. With five nails and a ribbon, you can make your own holiday star. Get the full tutorial at


Toy Around

It’s time to dust off the red wagon sitting in the back of your garage. Filled with some fresh greens or any other winter plant, it becomes a classic country decoration to welcome visitors at your front door. In fact, any classic toy, whether it is a rocking horse or a wooden drum, can be used as a decoration, just tie a red bow on it!


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Mad About Plaid

For some reason, plaid seems to make the chill of winter bearable. With a cozy plaid blanket or pillow on your outdoor furniture, a hot chocolate break on the front porch doesn’t seem like a bad idea.


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Fill ‘Er Up

The great thing about Christmas is that anything that looks slightly frosted, sparkly, or red can pass as a decoration. Head outside and grab some pinecones and branches to place inside a watering can, empty lantern, vase, or even an old pair of ice skates. Any craft store will carry faux branches as well as sparkly sticks, feathers, and more. Add ornaments, ribbons, stones, sea glass, buttons or any other “filler” to the mix to make it look festive. Use this decoration year-round by replacing the items with seasonal plants and colors.


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“Present” Well

Faux Christmas packages are the gifts that keep on giving. Wrap various sized empty boxes in burlap, brown paper, or even newspaper for a rustic-look. Top it with ribbon, garland, or a candy cane, and it will look like Santa delivered his packages early. Store the gifts in a safe place so you can reuse them every year. Get the wrapping tutorial at


What’s Your Home Décor This Christmas?

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