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“T. rex: The Ultimate Predator” Now at American Museum of Natural History

Photo Source: American Museum of Natural History

By Taylor Smith

On view through August 9, 2020, “T. rex: The Ultimate Predator” is sure to ignite the imaginations of visitors at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

The new exhibit asks, “How did T. rex evolve to become the most fearsome carnivore of the Mesozoic?” Spectators can take in life-size models of the fearsome predator; fossils, casts, and interactive activities; and an immersive multiplayer virtual reality experience developed just for the exhibition. Children are sure to marvel at how this 12,000-plus-pound terror began as a tiny critter. They will also meet T. rex’s family members, some of whom are small and even have feathers!

Discover how paleontologists read fossils for hidden clues about how this mega-predator lived, how several tyrannosaurs shared an ecosystem, and why scientists think that T. rex ate members of its own species.

Did you know that T. rex had a sensitive side? New research also suggests that this powerful predator had exceptionally keen vision, smell, and hearing. Explore how scientists use brain casts and observed behaviors of living T. rex relatives, such as birds and alligators, to better understand how T. rex navigated its environment.

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Photo Source: American Museum of Natural History

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