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Virtual Art Making with the Princeton University Art Museum

Greek, Tarentine, statuette of Nike, mid-3rd century B.C. Terracotta. Princeton University Art Museum. Museum purchase, gift of friends and colleagues in honor of Frances Follin Jones.

“Drawing from the Collections: Rendering Clothing and Drapery”

On Thursday, March 4 at 8 p.m., Princeton University Art Museum, in partnership with the Arts Council of Princeton, presents “Drawing from the Collections: Rendering Clothing and Drapery.”

This free online art making experience is inspired by a Greek statuette of Nike from the Hellenistic period. In this sculpture, the goddess of victory wears a clinging chiton with a long overfold that reveals the lines of her figure. A belt cinches the garment creating diaphanous pleating and the illusion of wind-swept movement. As such, the class will focus on the basic shapes of clothing and the anatomy of folds to better understand the mechanics of drapery and textile design. “Rendering Clothing and Drapery” will be taught by artist-instructor Barbara DiLorenzo over Zoom. Free registration for the drawing class can be accessed, here: (When prompted, click to sign in as an “attendee”).

This event will include live closed captions in both English and Spanish. English captions are available directly in the Zoom toolbar by clicking the “CC” icon. To access Spanish-language captioning, open Streamtext, where you can select “Spanish” to see the live captioning.

Suggested materials for this class include paper, erasers, drawing pencils, and/or woodless graphite pencils.

For more information, visit

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